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Chanukah Halacha How To

11/25/2021 01:13:38 PM


 Candle Lighting: 

Who: The mitzvah of Chanukah is נר איש וביתו- one candle for each household. The Gemara gives the option to beautify the mitzvah by having each member of the household light one candle (mehadrin). The Gemara gives an additional way to beautify the mitzvah (mehadrin min hamedrin), which is to light an additional candle each night increasing in order for eight nights. This is our practice today,...Read more...

Rav Yosef's Rosh Hashanah Drasha

09/09/2021 11:44:23 AM


The answer is such a classic, that we rarely pay any serious attention to the question that precedes it.  The answer is, “on a day when the books of life and death are open, would you expect that Israel would be singing?!” 

It’s an important answer, epitomizing the unsettled, even anxious feelings that we bring into the day. But it’s an answer which creates a...Read more...

Rabbanit Alissa's Rosh Hashanah Drasha

09/09/2021 11:32:39 AM


BDJ Family~~Though I am still on family leave right now caring for my father, I wanted to share my heart and some words of Torah with you. So many of you have reached out to me with love and support, and it only felt right for me to be with you on Rosh Hashanah and to honor my father in this way. I am so grateful...Read more...

Letter RE: COVID from our Community's Rabbis

12/09/2020 12:31:09 PM


Dear Community Members,

As we are all aware, there has been a significant increase of COVID cases locally. We are encouraged by the careful adherence to the safety precautions that our synagogues have undertaken in order to enable safe, outdoor, masked and distanced minyanim to continue. These minyanim are COVID-compliant, outdoor events, in line with the latest LA Department of Health guidelines, where we work...Read more...

Please renew membership by tonight!

08/30/2020 08:01:05 AM


SIGN UP NOW Dear {{first_name}},

If you are receiving this email, we still DO NOT have your membership registration information and ask thaRead more...

Membership - Last Chance to Renew to Receive High Holiday Resources

08/27/2020 02:12:49 PM


SIGN UP NOW Dear {{first_name}},

If you are receiving this email, we still DO NOT have your membership registration information and ask thaRead more...

Membership Due This Weekend

08/14/2020 04:47:08 PM


SIGN UP NOW Dear {{first_name}},

If you are receiving this email, we still DO NOT have your membership registration information and ask thaRead more...

3 Days til Membership Deadline - A Message from Andres Terech, Treasurer

08/12/2020 06:46:10 PM


SIGN UP NOW Hello BDJ Chevra!
It has been way too long since we have seen and spoken to each other. I hope that you and your family near aRead more...

BDJ Membership - 5 Days til Deadline

08/11/2020 06:56:09 AM


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If you are receiving this email, we still DO NOT have your membership registration information and ask thRead more...

BDJ Membership - A Message from Larry Handman

08/09/2020 08:52:11 AM


SIGN UP NOW Dear  {{first_name}},

Retired (or close to retirement), my wife Susan and I moved to California a little over 5 years ago to beRead more...

BDJ Membership - Deadline in less than 10 days!

08/06/2020 12:21:45 PM


SIGN UP NOW Dear  {{first_name}},

Thank you in advance to the almost 50% of members who have already renewed their commitment and support fRead more...

Reminder: Yom Kippur Memorial Book -- Submissions Due August 15th

08/04/2020 03:43:04 PM


SURVEY Dear  {{first_name}},

Once again, as the Holidays approach, our thoughts turn to our loved ones who will not be with us, except in sRead more...

An Update on the High Holidays

08/02/2020 06:40:23 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},

At BDJ, we are hard at work putting together a Yamim Noraim plan that will make our chagim as spiritually uplifting and meaninRead more...

Yom Kippur Memorial Book -- Please Submit by August 15th

07/26/2020 04:51:17 PM


SURVEY Dear  {{first_name}},

Once again, as the Holidays approach, our thoughts turn to our loved ones who will not be with us, except in sRead more...

BDJ Membership - A Message from Tzvi Wolf

07/26/2020 07:48:15 AM


SIGN UP NOW Dear  {{first_name}},

No film has helped me cope with quarantine more than Thor: Ragnarok. A film by one of my favorite (JewishRead more...

High Holidays 5781 - Please Respond

07/23/2020 10:07:22 AM


SURVEY Dear  {{first_name}},

As we look forward to the Yamim Noraim, we are working hard to accommodate each and every member’s needs andRead more...

BDJ Membership for 5781

07/20/2020 07:23:17 PM


SIGN UP NOW Dear  {{first_name}},

Thank you in advance for your support!  Whether you are a member of many years or just joining for the fRead more...

Halacha How To: The Nine Days

07/16/2020 04:35:17 PM


Beginning Tuesday night July 21, we will transition from the "three weeks" to the "nine days". The conceptual difference between the two is that while during the three weeks we refrain from celebratory and musical events that are beyond the typical daily routine, during the nine days we diminish even simple everyday pleasures. In the words of the Mishna, ממעטין בשמחה, we consciously diminish our joy. The premise of this practice is...Read more...

A Message from the President

07/16/2020 02:12:57 PM


SIGN UP NOW Dear  {{first_name}},

I write this after returning home from our most recent daily minyan.  Although BDJ, in consultation withRead more...

Join us in 5781

07/10/2020 01:34:32 PM


SIGN UP NOW Dear  {{first_name}},

For more than 100 days this year, the B'nai David-Judea building was closed, but our community remained oRead more...

An Important Letter from our Community's Rabbis

05/15/2020 07:32:32 AM


Dear Members of Our Community,

We hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and well. It has been and continues to be a trying time for all of us, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. These are the kinds of times when we look out for one another with especially attentive eyes and open hearts.

Amidst all of the difficulties, there is some very promising news. Our communal compliance with the County's...Read more...

Passover Reflections

04/14/2020 08:32:06 AM


Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

October 2018. It was the day of Aiden Nelson’s bar mitzvah. Word filtered into shul about the shooting and numerous casualties at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh.

We had all sort of been in heightened state of alert especially over the past 14 months, since the white supremacist rally happened in Charlottesville. But nothing like this had ever happened before. Not in the entire history of the United States of America.

...

Love in the Time of Corona

03/13/2020 09:47:34 AM


Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn


My handwashing affects you. And yours affects me. 

The reality of how interconnected we are is at the forefront of our minds as we face the global pandemic of the coronavirus. It’s natural to focus on the fear and palpable anxiety, which have hit us hard this past week. But I want to encourage us to take a much needed break from that and push ourselves to think as people of faith---to...Read more...

Health Notice: Response to Coronavirus COVID-19

03/06/2020 11:26:31 AM


B'nai David-Judea

Dear members:


We know these are anxious times. We want to take a measured response to the coronavirus while we strive to protect the health and safety of our shul community.

It is important for all of us to follow the best advice being dispensed by government health authorities. As such, we are writing to...Read more...

Rabbanit Alissa's Speech at the 2020 Gala

02/27/2020 09:57:53 AM


Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn

I am grateful to Hashem to stand before you tonight, celebrating the last five and a half years of our Torah, friendship, and holy work together at B’nai David-Judea. I have so much love and gratitude for each of you and am truly humbled by your support, touching words, and simcha in celebrating this moment.



How We Did It 

02/21/2020 09:43:42 AM


Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

A Model for Drafting, Debating, and Adopting  a Gay and Lesbian Inclusion Policy in an Orthodox Shul 

Over a period of 15 months, our shul, B’nai David-Judea Congregation in Los Angeles, conducted a process of communal thinking...Read more...

At the end of a difficult and frightening week...

01/03/2020 08:24:11 AM


Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

As we head toward this first Shabbat of 2020 I, like you, am struggling to adjust to our new reality of violent anti-Semitism within the United States. Like you, I have been reading, thinking, worrying, and reflecting. And while I am deeply thankful to our president Duke Helfand and to our security committee that never rests and never stops working, I think we'd agree that the questions in the air go beyond "how do we secure our...Read more...

Memory & Imagination: My Visit with Mom

12/09/2019 10:11:54 AM


Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

The man who would later be known as St. Augustine was enthralled by the power of memory, a power which enabled the human mind to transcend time and space. “Even when I dwell in darkness and silence”, he wrote, “in my memory I can produce colors…  I [can] discern the breath of lilies from [that of] violets, though smelling nothing…”

Indeed, who has not had the experience of being transported by a memory to an earlier...Read more...

The Laws of Fasting on Yom Kippur: Halachic Options for Those who are Ill

10/07/2019 12:23:33 PM


Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

Fasting on Yom Kippur is an essential part of our experience of the day. it contributes emotionally and spiritually to the day’s sense of uniqueness, and to our capacity to imagine the process of cleansing and expiation.

At the same time though, fasting can present a major challenge to people who are not physically well, turning a day of religious exultation into a day of dread, or possibly even a day of risk. The Halacha of course...Read more...


07/12/2019 08:24:48 AM


Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

Friday night, two weeks ago, we davened in Rome’s Great Synagogue. And although we found the Great Synagogue to be a little too, well, “great” for our usual davening taste, I actually experienced something so moving that evening in the Great Synagogue,  that it literally and unexpectedly brought me to tears.

The Great Synagogue, as you know if you have visited, is situated in the corner of what from 1555 until 1870 had...Read more...

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