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Halacha How to for Fast of 10th of Tevet (5784)

12/13/2023 10:16:17 AM


Rav Yosef

Friday, December 22nd will be the 10th of Tevet, an annual day of Tefilla, Tzedakah, and of fasting. It’s a day with deep historical roots, dating to when the Babylonians laid siege to Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE. But this year it is about something different. It is about calling out to God at a time of national crisis. It is about the chayylaim on the battlefield, the hostages wherever they may be held, the citizens of the country including the displaced and the traumatized. And it is about all of us everywhere as we encounter the tide of antisemitism that we have experienced over the past several months. It is about our petitioning God for wisdom and strength in this critical hour, and it is about returning to God, affirming our commitments to the ways of righteousness and compassion.

So on the Tenth of Tevet we will all daven, practice tzedakah, and (with the exception of those of us who are halachikly exempt, per the below) fast on the Tenth of Tevet. Here is the schedule for the day:

The fast begins at 5:43 AM

Shacharit, with Selichot, Avinu Malkeynu and Torah reading is at 6:30 AM

Mincha with Torah and Haftarah reading is at 4:15 PM

Important note: Although Candle Lighting for Shabbat is at 4:30 PM, the fast does not end until 5:19 PM

The obligation to fast on the Tenth of Tevet does not extend to people who are ill and to women who are pregnant and nursing, though the custom is that the latter make the effort to fast if they can. Please consult with Rav Yosef or Rav David with any questions you may have.  

Zmanim for December 22, 2023

Fast Begins – 5:43 AM

Early Shacharit – 6:30 AM

Mincha – 4:15 PM

Candle Lighting – 4:30 PM

Fast ends – 5:19 PM

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784