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Welcome to BDJ Teens' Page!

Teen Minyan is a youth minyan for teens in grades 7-12, that meets on Shabbat & Yom Tov mornings at 9:30 AM in the Projection Room, completely led by teens! The goal of Teen Minyan is to instill fluency & comfort in all elements of Shabbat davening, and inspire out teens to feel connected to & invested in the davening. Sign up for leining here! 

Sponsor a teen Kiddush here! ($150)

Additional Programming for Girls in Teen Minyan:

Teen Girls' Coffee Club: Teen girls are invited to bond, nosh & have meaningful conversations with Leila Balter & Neima Fax  at 9:30 AM in the Conference Room, before joining Teen Minyan at 10:15 AM.  See schedule below.

Teen Girls' Tefillah (TGT): Select Shabbatot, the teen girls fully lead an all-girls' service at 9:30 AM int the Beit Midrash, while the boys daven in the Projection Room. We will all reconvene for kiddush after davening. See schedule below.

Upcoming Events

Teen Minyan (8th-12th graders)

with Dov Rosenblatt at the Kurzban Backyard

September, 12th, 10 AM - 11:30 AM  

To comply with BDJ's health and safety policies you absolutely need to RSVP to Dov if you plan to attend! 

Dads are invited to join to help make a minyan. Moms are invited to participate as well and support their teens!

Teen Minyan Director

Dov Rosenblatt is a professional musician, leading the bands Blue Fringe and Distant Cousins. He has composed music for television and film, and created music education programs for adults and kids, including at Shalhevet, Pressman and Kehillat Maarav. He previously led BDJ's teen minyan from 2015-2018, inspiring our kids to love davening and empowering them with self-confidence. It was beshert that just as we were looking for a new director, Dov was eager and excited to step back in​​​​​.  He and his wife Aura have 3 kids, Kol, Nava and Shlomo, who make extremely cute mascots at Teen Minyan Kiddush.  Dov can be reached at

Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782