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Supporting Female Leadership

At B'nai David-Judea, as part of our core mission, we work to create learning and leadership opportunities for women and girls at every level of our shul. From having Rabbanit Alissa on our clergy team, to Teen Girls’ Tefillah, to our Shirat Chana services, we empower both the men and the women of our Orthodox community to deepen their connection to God, Torah, Mitzvot, and Community. Help us continue to offer these opportunities this year and in years to come.

Female Clergy - We are blessed to have Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn as part of our clergy staff. She has brought a unique and powerful voice to our community. Her work encompasses a great variety of programs and services, ranging from her weekly Parsha shiur to studying with our B'not Mitzvah, from leading our successful Young Professionals minyan to creating our mental health awareness programming, and infertility support and end of life care systems.

Leadership and Education - We continually seek out and encourage women's scholarship and learning, including hosting women scholars as scholars in residence, guest lecturers and teachers. Women routinely serve as officers, chairs of committees, and presidents of the board.

Shirat Chana - Our Women's Tefillah Service meets regularly to celebrate b'not mitzvah, Purim, Simchat Torah and other holidays and special occasions. Women lead Tefillah, read from the Torah, and learn together, within the Halachic framework Women's Tefillah,

Teen Girls' Tefillah - Similar to our Shirat Chana service, this women's only service allows teen girls to develop and shine in the areas of Tefillah, Torah reading, and teaching. It meets 4 times a year on Shabbat mornings.

Teen Girls' Coffee Club - Twice a month, our teen girls meet on Shabbat morning to daven together, schmooze, and learn Torah, before joining our Teen Minyan.

Seder Nashim - Our women's-only discussion group meets four times in the spring and explores different topics of relevance to modern Orthodox women. All adult women are welcome.

Thank you for supporting female leadership opportunities at B'nai David-Judea!  Your 100% tax deductible donation will help ensure that young boys and girls, men and women, have the opportunity to learn with and from incredible Jewish women in the Orthodox community.  

Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782