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04/07/2017 07:42:30 AM


Do the following need to be specifically marked kosher l'Pesach: Campbells Tomato juice (added salt and vitamin C) TJ canned artichoke hearts in water (added sea salt, citric acid and calcium chloride) Pure roasted walnut oil (star K) TJ's organic triple filtered organic coconut oil Also, can I kashering my Blech by putting it into the oven on self cleaning? Should I put it under the broiler?

All of the food you listed needs to be marked kosher l'peach. If you can get another blech, that is ideal. But if not, you can kasher the blech with libun gamur (self-clean oven --approx 850 degrees-- until it glows). You don't have to wait 24 hours and you don't have to clean it thoroughly, but if there is a lot of stuff on it, cleaning is advised.


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