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03/30/2017 10:02:43 AM


Can a hand-held electric mixer (used for baking) be kashered and/or in any other way moved between flavors? In this case we actually have a separate KfP mixer, but it has been used for dairy in the past, and we find ourselves in need of a parve mixer for making a Pesach cake for seder this year. Obviously, we would prefer not to have 2 pesach mixers. Does it matter if the mixer has only been used for cold items? (I believe its only been used for whipped cream)?

If you are looking to make it pareve then you can just kasher it. But we generally do not move one item back and forth so as to reduce confusion. Just make sure it is thoroughly cleaned (no rust on it) and hasn't been used in 24 hours. Then immerse it entirely in boiling water. RATN

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784