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Pesach Resources

Chametz SaleClick here to sell your chametz online.  Deadline is Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Pesach Appeal: Thank you in advance!  Your generous donation supports our youth department.  Donate here.

Community Chametz Burning: There will be a community biyur chametz on Monday, April 22 from 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM. You can also drop off food to be donated to SOVA. Location at Key Street (between Livonia and Robertson; South of Pickford - YULA Girls; North of Airdrome). See more info here.

OU Guide to PassoverClick here to view or download.

Rabbi Eidlitz Passover Guide: Click here to view or download. 

Haggadah Resources:

  • Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel, has composed a prayer for the Return of the Hostages to be read during the Seder before "Vehi She'amda." View/Download here.
  • Hadar's 5784 Pesach Reader: "Al Pedut Nafsheinu: Inner Redemption:"  View/Download here.

Pre-Pesach Schedule & Pesach Zmanim

All Events

Pesach Zmanim:  Access all relevant times for Pesach here.  

Halacha How Tos - Pesach Edition

Pesach Halacha How Tos - Passover Edition!  View halachot here including kashering for Pesach and more.

Got Pesach Questions?  Ask your sheilas here!   To see all the responses, visit our Pesach Questions Blog Page.

Pesach Preps: An in-depth look at the Halachot of Kashering Glass and of Kitniyot.  Click here to read.

Pesach Resources from Previous Years

Mon, April 15 2024 7 Nisan 5784