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04/19/2016 03:11:43 PM


What does infestation mean? I bought this quinoa: 

La Bonne Quinoa from Queens Some containers of LaBonne Quinoa UPC Codes 0-43427- 0080-6 and 0-43427-88802-8 labeled with an OU P symbol were found to contain infestation. Any possibly affected product may be returned to the stores for a refund. (Under proper storage conditions, it is unusual to find infestation in these products sold in the United States. However, consumers should be aware that grains could develop infestation when stored in warm areas. To determine whether quinoa (or any other grains) are possibly affected, spread them evenly on a white surface and visually inspect them under good light prior to use)

I believe this means that there was a bug infestation. I would return it. It would be very hard to get all of the bugs from an infestation out of quinoa. MATN

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