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04/18/2016 08:21:35 PM


You gave directions for kashering a microwave, assuming that it is used for defrosting and warming, rather than cooking. What if it actually is used for cooking (without a convection feature)?

The truth of the matter is, that the thinking about microwaves keeps changing and evolving (as a historical survey of Pesach Kashrut bulletins and magazines would reveal), and it may be that the distinction made above is actually dated and should be changed. There is still not consensus, with some holding that microwaves need no kashering at all (just thorough cleaning), and others (see the Star-K guide for example) agreeing with this position assuming a case in which the walls of the microwave don't become too-hot-to-touch during its typical use. Yet others prescribe the steaming process, again only assuming that the walls don't typically become excessively hot, as above.

Bottom line (for now :)) is that typical Pesach practice still revolves around your particular microwave, and whether its walls tend to become too-hot-to-touch, or typically do not. If the latter, you can feel comfortable cleaning it thoroughly and replacing or covering the glass turntable. Or, if you want to be more machmir, also steaming it per the instructions in the Halacha How To. 


Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784