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04/18/2016 01:29:54 PM


Kashering sink question! Our kitchen sink is a black, coated metal (unsure of the exact material used). We're unsure if it's kasher-able for pesach. Our neighbour said it's ok to kasher for general everyday usage but not for pesach however we were told otherwise the year before - confused now.

Well, a metal sink is certainly kasherable in and of itself, and there's no reason to distinguish between kashrut generally and Pesach kashrut on this point. The only question here might be the coating. If it is a substantial coating made, for example, of a porcelain or glass kind of material, this would be present a kashering challenge. If it is just a thin layer of paint of the suchlike, I wouldn't hesitate to kasher. 


Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784