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All you need to get ready for the High Holidays

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High Holiday Music


It is with much excited anticipation that we again share some of our Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur music.  Please listen often and with intention, so that you are ready to join your voice to the communal BDJ chorus.  You will find some of our familiar melodies, along with those which are relatively newer.  

Here is the music you will find, in the order of their appearance in the Machzor:

1. אין קצבה – the familiar climax of the “Netaneh Tokef”


2.  חמול על מעשיך – immediately follows Kedusha of Mussaf


3.  ויאתיו כל – different, but familiar


4.  אוחילה לאל – Just after “Alaynu” (in Mussaf)

5.  היום הרת עולם – after each Shofar blowing. An original composition by Robby Helperin.  

Looking forward with great and excited anticipation, and filled with gratitude to everyone who has helped in this project.

Rav Yosef

Fri, September 20 2019 20 Elul 5779