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Mental Health

BDJ Family,

In response to the dangers of social isolation, we want to make sure our community members are equipped with helpful tools to respond to mental health needs. This includes local resources that provide support in finding virtual therapy and professional help, as well as anonymous mental health hotlines and suicide hotlines. Please see below for these resources and pass them along to anyone who would benefit from them. There are a variety of mental health needs right now-- from coping with anxiety and depression to combating suicidal ideation. As a spiritual community, it is our responsibility to be ready and willing to support each other in fostering mental wellness and safety.

This is an ethic that thank God, we are already deeply committed to. But as needs may arise, please activate your empathetic listening and ready your mental health resources and contacts. 

We want to underscore that if you have any concerns about your mental health (or the mental health of someone you love), PLEASE reach out to us, as we can provide further halachic tools and guidance that bolster the value of pikuach nefesh.

With prayers for comfort, relief, and healing,

Rav Yosef and Rabbanit Alissa


  • Maple Counseling Funding for Jewish Clients - All clients who identify as Jewish and obtain a referral from any Jewish organization may apply for a supported funding program for our counseling services through a generous partnership with the Jewish Federation. We are incredibly proud of and grateful for the opportunity to offer this service to the Jewish members of our community, and appreciate your willingness to assist in providing a referral! Contact (310) 271-9999 or visit us online:
  • Ezra Network - visit here to learn about various community resources including free access to a social worker, job counselor and more.
  • Relief Resources (, a completely free mental health care referral organization for frum Jews, connecting them with frum/frum friendly therapists in the area
  • Group Therapy LA - Offers telemedicine COVID-19 Support group, couples groups and individual therapy. - (310) 893-0096  
  • HIR Guide to Combating Loneliness on Shabbat and Yom Tov: download here.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE
  • For a list of Los Angeles County Psychological Association therapists who are offering free or low fee therapy during this pandemic, please go here.   (Please note, in providing this list, BDJ is not making official referrals, but instead sharing this generous resource)
  • New Moms Connect Perinatal and Postpartum Support Group for pregnant and postpartum women.–Director, Melanie Weiner, LMFT 310-247-0864 ext 218 or her direct line is 310-272-7878 (Pico Robertson JFS) - - ongoing groups facilitated by Melanie Weiner, LMFT - Perinatal and Postpartum support group -11-12:30 on Thursdays - $10 or what is affordable - phone intake required – contact Melanie Weiner at 310-247-0864 ext 218 for intake, updates on group dates/times and other info - home visits and support by volunteers available to group members - some group members may benefit from other programs and resources. New Moms Connect will provide information and referral as well.
  • Well Baby Center – 310-402-baby (2229) (Mar Vista) for more info about online support, contact:
  • Futures without Violence - resource for survivors of abuse during Covid-19:
  • Addiction and Recovery Support Groups on Zoom:  Click here. 
  • Dr. Pelcovitz Pointers and Resources: Click here.
  • The Relational Center is offering online support groups that are free and open to the public. Click here to visit their website. 

  • Bankrate: Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 3 women experienced domestic violence mostly by an intimate partner and the pandemic caused these numbers to rise even higher. For those trying to escape these situations, two of the hardest obstacles are securing safe housing and reliable transportation to leave an abuser. This guide serves to help victims navigate these challenges and more

  • Suicide Prevention Hotlines

    • 1-877-7-CRISIS
    • 1(800)784-2433
    • 1(800)273-8255
    • California Youth Crisis Line: 1(800)843-5200
    • Teen Line: 310-855-4673, 1(800)852-8336
    • The Trevor Project (LGBTQ) 1-866-488-7386
  • Amudim Anonymous Support Line

  • LA County Resource Line

Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782