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Shabbat, June 26
Sharing Privilege: Making Space for Boaz and Ruth
Within our Shul community there exist economic, social, identity and other disparities which in turn affect social and religious access in myriad ways, including in many well-hidden ways. Our community is invited to share and to listen to the stories of community members who are often overlooked, to the end of making our community a more inclusive and participatory space. Just as Boaz opened his field for Ruth to glean, we will together identify ways to enlarge our space for the many Ruths among us. Panelists include Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn, BCC and BDJ Members Cindy Kaplan Abrookin, and Rhoda Weisman.

Sunday, July 11
Torah and Mental Health: Processing Trauma and Loss
Rabbi Dr. Saul Haimoff (author of Handbook of Torah and Mental Health) is a clinical psychologist and rabbinic educator who uses Torah texts to elucidate mental health practices, and explores the ways that concepts of modern psychology can illuminate Torah sources as well. In "Processing Trauma and Loss," Rabbi Dr. Haimoff explores the lessons that our religious and national stories can teach us about navigating adversity in all shapes and forms.

Shabbat, July 31
Building Bridges: Teens and Parents from Black Churches and an Orthodox Shul
Join the discussion as Black and Jewish parents and teens share their experiences as participants in two dynamic programs over the past year. Parents of teens and young children from BDJ and Faithful Central Bible Church (FCBC) in Inglewood came together in a series of discussion groups, led by Rabbanit Alissa and Pastor Kasey. On a separate track, teens from BDJ and First AME Church participated in a series of meetings to speak frankly and transparently about their experiences of stereotyping and prejudice, under the professional facilitation of Dr. Claudia Shields, Associate Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Shabbat, August 14
How in the world did Covid-Halacha work?? Part Two
You can (or can’t) do that over Zoom?!?
The pandemic raised all kinds of questions about the relationship between technology and Halacha that will certainly continue to have implications going forward. Rav Yosef will examine many of these questions: How does a minyan work over Zoom? The recitation of kaddish? How were we able to fulfill our obligation of megillah reading? And what about the whole Zoom seder question? What factors are at play and how did the halachic process unfold? And what happens now?
Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782