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Youngerwood Family

Dalia Rotter Youngerwood, Nurse

Aron Youngerwood, Attorney

Yehuda, 7; Shira, 4; Eitan and Ellie, 2 ½

Members since 2008

Early on Shabbat mornings, our family usually finds itself hunkering behind pillow fortresses in our living room, enjoying our time together. But when we announce that it’s time to get ready for shul, the fortresses come down, and we race to see who can get dressed first so we can get to shul quickly and continue the fun day. Not only do our kids love their counselors, friends and the treats they get at B’nai David, but it’s easy for them to see that both their parents love and want to go to shul. For us, this is a crucial thing to model to our children, and thankfully we don’t have to fake it — we really do love going to Bnai David.

We were pregnant with our oldest, Yehuda, when we moved to Los Angeles around 8 years ago, and this made us think about the lessons we wanted to impart to our children about being an active Jew and community member.

At B’nai David we found a Judaism that is thoughtful and modern and committed and engaging, all at the same time. That was really inspiring to us. The warmth of the community and the flood of Shabbat invitations we received helped Aron, who is British, get past the fact that the shul doesn’t have a cantor!

Even years before the hiring of Morateinu Alissa, it was clear that women were an important and appreciated presence at B’nai David, and that meant a lot. Now, our two-year-old Ellie loves to kiss the Torah when it comes through the women’s section, just as her older sister did.

We have been lucky to be involved in our Tikkun Olam programming. With incredible support from Rav Yosef, B’nai David constantly coordinates an impressive volunteer corps to participate in Big Sunday community projects, Project Chicken Soup meal delivery, monthly lunches for the needy, and more.

We are constantly inspired and motivated by our community and our leaders. For years, before we came to B’nai David, we didn’t have anyone we could truly call our rabbi. Now we are proud to call Rav Yosef our rabbi, and B’nai David our shul.

Mon, June 25 2018 12 Tammuz 5778