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03/27/2018 05:32:09 PM


I have an open bottle of grape juice that I used at chametz meal. Can I use it for Pesach too? I only poured from the bottle and I did not stick any utensils into the bottle. How about fruits, vegetables and eggs that have been in my fridge with my chametz items from pre-pesach. Can I use them for pesach or toss?

If the grape juice is Kosher L'Pesach and there is no chance chametz came in contact with it, it could potentially be used. But the predominant practice is not to use packaged foods that have been opened before Pesach, even if they are Kosher L'Pesach.

Eggs, fruits , and vegetables purchased before Pesach may be used. 

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784