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03/30/2017 10:07:33 AM


I have a question regarding pesach. I live with a Jewish family that is not orthodox. They do observe passover I'm some level, but not very strictly. For example, they don't clean the house for chametz. I usually help them gather up the cereals, etc and sell them through the nearby Chabad. Last year they ended up taking some of the chametz bags out from the garage and using some of the oatmeal, pretzels, Etc. So the first part of my question is- am I actually HELPING by gathering the chametz and arranging the sale, or is it worse somehow if they end up eating some of the stuff they sold?! Second question is there dogs eat food that is not kosher for pesach. (One is on a Rx food, the other is not.) I usually feed the dogs. Is this going to be an issue for me during pesach? The dogs don't belong to me, obviously, but am I still considered to be benefitting from it if I physically feed them this food...? I could ask them to get kosher for pesach food, but I'm afraid it might trigger some intense things that I'm not prepared to handle.

It is fine for you to be around chametz as long as you don't own it. It sounds like they own it, and also that your helping them gather it up is a kiddush Hashem. So it is fine to continue helping them. They can make their own decisions. But you should still clean your room fully from chametz and sell your chametz.

There is an issur of hanaah from chametz such that feeding our dogs with it would be considered a way of benefiting ourselves. But these dogs are also not yours, so it is not for your benefit. Consequently, there is no problem with you feeding the dogs. RATN

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784