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04/19/2016 02:42:22 PM


A student with very bad eczema that has only responded to Aveeno with oatmeal has asked if she can use it over Pesach. (she is a teenager wwho is self conscious about the eczema). Thoughts? Thank you!

If it is an Aveeno lotion or treatment that is inedible, or nifsal meachilat kelev, it does not fall under the prohibition of chametz. She may use and store the Aveeno lotion treatment on Pesach. But if it is an oatmeal bath Aveeno treatment, it is considered edible and therefore in the category of the prohibition of chametz and must be sold or disposed of before Pesach. MATN
I've read that egg matzo should be eaten only by the young or elderly, even during chol hamoed. What about Streit's Mediterranean matzo, which contains no egg but does contain oil? 
The Streit's Mediterranean Maztah I have been able to find online does not have Kosher Le'Pesach certification. Matzah must be certified for Pesach. MATN
What about a French press for coffee? It is made of glass, and has obviously had hot liquid in it. There is a metal screen inside and a plastic part where the coffee comes out. If it has never been washed with a chametz sponge is there any way I can make use of this during Pesach? Or do I just need to buy a Pesach-only coffee press?
If you are able to disassemble, thoroughly clean, and kasher the separate parts [metal via hagalah, glass via milui veirui], you may use it for Pesach. Some coffee is processed on chametz machinery, thus the need to kasher. MATN
Can refrigerated foods (opened, chametzdik but not real chametz) be placed in a closed bag and put into a refrigerator outside IF that refrigerator will be opened and used during pesach?
It is best to cover anything that is sold before Pesach, including food items you are selling that are chametzdik but not 'true chametz'. Ideally, you would not use the refrigerator with the non-Pesach foods in it. If there is no other choice, then I would recommend packing the non-Pesach foods in bags that are non-transparent. MATN
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