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04/18/2016 09:16:07 AM


Our dog food brand, Back Country, is not listed on Eidlitz, however it is completely grain free and contains no chometz. (It is unclear to me from the Eidletz pet food article if only the listed brands may be used or if the listed brands are simply known to be chometz free) Please advise if we can feed our dog the food he currently eats as he has a sensitive stomach and again, the food has no chometz as many dog foods do. Thank you.
We are not allowed to feed our animals chametz on Pesach because it is considered a form of hanaah (benefit derived). Kitniyot is fine. If the Back Country food truly has no chametz (including no chametz in a gravy or sauce either), then it is acceptable to feed it to your dog on Pesach, especially given his sensitive stomach. MATN
Can we Kasher our Gas Grill? It goes up to 600 degrees. It has a carbon coated steel grate that the food goes on and the heating plate underneath is porcelain coated steel. Thank you.
Unfortunately because 600 degrees is not equivalent to libun gamur, your grill cannot be kashered for Pesach. You would need to kasher the grates by placing them in a self-cleaning oven or by blow-torching them, and that doesn't sound possible in your case. MATN

Can half-and-half and heavy cream bearing an OU or similar heksher be bought before Pesach (for use on the holiday) without a special Pesach designation, the way milk and eggs can?

Half and half and heavy cream both require Kosher Le'Pesach certification. MATN
Does one have to cover drawer/cabinet bottoms, if they originally didn't hold food and have been cleaned, in order to use them on Pesach?
No. You do not need to cover the drawer/cabinet bottom that did not hold food, though it is good that you cleaned the area. Even if food were stored there, a thorough cleaning would suffice (though some may have the personal custom to cover it anyway). MATN
Do you have to buy new meat and dairy temperature thermometers? Or can you dip the metal part in boiling water, keeping the electronics part above it?
If the electric piece cannot be removed, then the thermometer cannot be kashered for Pesach. It would be best to purchase Pesach thermometers. MATN
How about a mandolin made of plastic with metal teeth that has only been used for slicing raw vegetables -- can it be kashered, in case it was washed with a sponge that had chametz on it?
If you are unsure if the mandolin was washed in hot water with chametz and if both the metal and the plastic can be separated and cleaned thoroughly, then the mandolin may be kashered for Pesach. MATN
Is everything at the Glatt Mart assumed to have an acceptable hechsher (providing of course that we check that its for ashkenazim / not kitniyot on Pesach) due to its supervision or do we need to look up each hashgacha separately on packaged items?
Yes, the rabbis in the LA area touch base with the grocery stores here. Just make sure, as you said, to keep an eye out for kitniyot! MATN
Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784