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03/17/2021 10:12:08 AM


Can I use spices or anything that is kp that is already opened and has been used during the year?

It's a really good question because last year we allowed for a specific leniency on this since people were not able to shop in the same way for Pesach. In that case we said any spices that were poured directly over the pan/pot of hot chametz such that the steam/particles could have gotten into the spice container could NOT be used.  

This year, we are shifting back to our normal practice. This means whole, not ground, spices are fine for Pesach use (cinnamon sticks, pepper, etc). But any processed ground spices (even pure ground spices) require special Pesach hashgacha. This is because the machinery often has contact with chametz and/or kitniyot. 

Rabbi Eidlitz has a list of items that can be used without Pesach hashgacha. In it, he includes several spice brands for salt and pepper and other stuff, so I would recommend checking that out in case you can use some of those. 

Any KP opened spices you have or that are on Rabbi Eidlitz's acceptable list may be used AS LONG AS they were not used directly over hot chametz (as I mentioned earlier).


Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784